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Last Tuesday, the president of Harvard Dr. Claudine Gay was excoriated for her performance testifying …

Have you ever said yes to a request when you actually wanted to say NO? …

Take two situations: the first, your colleague works late into the night. You feel generous, …

This week Chat GPT4 took center stage by pitching better than humans. Pitch decks created …

Meetings are venues to strut your stuff. When you’re not king of the castle, meetings …

In this podcast interview, UC Berkeley professor Dacher Keltner and I discuss the benefits of …

Networking is tough because it can feel inauthentic and salesy, yet it’s important for success. …

Nothing can feel more intimidating than stepping into a room to meet investors. After all, …

To crush it on the demo floor at startup conferences, read on. In 2011, we …

Over 90% of funded pitches share one thing in common. Successful startups like, airbnb, …

Want to score major investment and massive PR? Just win TechCrunch Disrupt at their next …

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About Chris

Chris is author of two books on communication and empowerment. He is a world-renowned pitch coach, and has worked with entrepreneurs to promote their ideas and raise over $200 million in funding.

  • We were acquired by a Fortune 100 company in a HIGH eight-figure deal. It was a brutal series of pitches, and Chris was critical to our success.

    Alberto Zamora

    CEO of Movilizer
  • We raised over $2 million in our latest round. Chris was a cornerstone for our fundraising.

    Mostafa Akbari

    CEO of HoloBuilder
  • Attended Chris’ Influencing Skills workshop at LinkedIn. A year later I still use the skills daily.

    Promeet Mansata

    Manager at LinkedIn
  • We all enjoyed Chris’ workshop. Very interactive, loved every minute of it.

    Shyla Klinder

    President of Silicon Valley Product Management Association
  • Chris approaches communication from a totally different perspective than most scientists are used to. He taught us to shift from an information-oriented to an audience-focused communication style.

    Ermelinda Porpiglia

    President of Palo Alto Women in Science
  • Chris’ presentation on pitching was very valuable to our audience. As one participant related, “Focus on you, not I (which is what we often do!)”

    Margaret Krebs

    Program Manager for the Stanford Leopold Leadership Program