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We advocate for those who choose to manifest themselves and make a change in the world.

Meet Chris Lipp

Chris Lipp trains thousands of individuals through his corporate workshops to promote change and rise up the corporate ranks. He regularly coaches entrepreneurs worldwide. His pitch formula is the de facto standard for pitching startups, and he has helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital.

Chris spent the last fifteen years studying power and persuasion. Grounded in over 500 research studies on psychology, his work focuses on how to effect change. He is the author of two books on persuasion that move beyond the abstract art of communication into modern-day science and application. He co-founded Stanford Leaders in Communication, a program that supports Stanford students in using these skills to effect change at local and statewide policy levels.

Chris holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology. He lectures at Rice University in both the Business and Engineering Schools. As a long-time meditator, he spends one month of every year in a silent retreat.

Antoine de Morrée

Antoine de Morrée teaches communication and resilience. He leads research in neurological sciences at Stanford University, and his work is published in top journals including Science and Nature. Bridging the worlds of science and communication, he is uniquely equipped to aid scientists and engineers. Antoine cofounded Stanford Leaders in Communication with Chris, and he is a Stanford-certified Compassion Facilitator.

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Chris is author of two books on communication and empowerment. He lectures at Rice University, and regularly leads workshop at innovation events for Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, and Google. He cofounded Stanford Leaders in Communication, a program which supports Stanford students in effecting change at local and statewide policy levels.

He is a world-renown pitch coach, and has worked with entrepreneurs to promote their ideas and raise over $100 million in funding. Chris holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology, and is a long-time meditator, spending one month of every year in silent retreat. Ultimately he is an advocate for those who aim to manifest themselves and make change in the world. 

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“You begin with the Problem, or the need you’re addressing. Then you proceed to the Solution, your product or service that fulfills the need. The Market is the target customers to whom you will offer your solution. Finally, Business is all about the ways you’re going to capture that market.”
Chris Lipp
The Startup Pitch: A Proven Formula to Win Funding