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Training Programs

Impact-driven skillsets, immediate results.

Training that Fits your Goals

Our trainings allow you to drive the best results based on science and practice. Pitch innovation to secure funding. Magnetize support on and off the podium to promote collaboration. Speak with power to display executive presence and leadership. Foster the inner strength and the outward tools to experience confidence under pressure.

Achieve your best results using the latest science and practice. Learn to pitch innovative ideas. Deliver persuasive presentations. Empower diverse voices. And foster confidence under pressure.


Present innovation, secure funding


Magnetize attention on and off the podium


Assert yourself and strengthen inclusion


Develop inner strength and confidence

Persuasive Training

Pitching New Ideas

Magnetic Communication

Team Engagement

Empowerment Trainings

The Language of Power

Building Resilience

Signature Training

Successful Clients

  • We were acquired by a Fortune 100 company in a HIGH eight-figure deal. It was a brutal series of pitches, and Chris was critical to our success.

    Alberto Zamora

    CEO of Movilizer
  • We raised over $2 million in our latest round. Chris was a cornerstone for our fundraising.

    Mostafa Akbari

    CEO of HoloBuilder
  • Attended Chris’ Influencing Skills workshop at LinkedIn. A year later I still use the skills daily.

    Promeet Mansata

    Manager at LinkedIn
  • We all enjoyed Chris’ workshop. Very interactive, loved every minute of it.

    Shyla Klinder

    President of Silicon Valley Product Management Association
  • Chris approaches communication from a totally different perspective than most scientists are used to. He taught us to shift from an information-oriented to an audience-focused communication style.

    Ermelinda Porpiglia

    President of Palo Alto Women in Science
  • Chris’ presentation on pitching was very valuable to our audience. As one participant related, “Focus on you, not I (which is what we often do!)”

    Margaret Krebs

    Program Manager for the Stanford Leopold Leadership Program