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Cutting-edge approach. Real-world applications.


Grounded in over 500 research studies and demonstrated by leaders across fields, value is the key to influence decisions and inspire action. The more value you present, the more you succeed.

We provide you clear frameworks used by today’s influential leaders. These frameworks communicate value around your ideas as well as your relationships. The frameworks also allow you to analyze the level of power and authority with which you speak. You will stand out when speaking in boardrooms and assembly rooms, as well as create impact during client and team meetings. Rather than learn dozens of artsy techniques that move your communication needle a little, you will learn a few magnetic approaches that move your needle a lot.


Develop enduring skills to excel in daily business.


Shift the way you approach communication to differentiate yourself when you speak.


Analyze your existing communication to confirm when it’s strong and improve it when it’s broken.


Drive consensus (even when consensus isn't an obvious reality) & enhance productivity by applying these skills immediately.


Designed for your specific needs.


Four pathways to make an impression.


Learn how to position your words with value to persuade audiences. Incorporate stories, data, and credibility to shatter old thinking and make way for new ideas.


Develop qualities that enhance your status in one-on-one and group engagements so you gain respect and recognition for your contributions.


Practice executive posture and techniques to appear confident on the outside and feel confident on the inside.


Design visuals that communicate a clear message to support your words and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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About Chris

Chris is author of two books on communication and empowerment. He is a world-renowned pitch coach, and has worked with entrepreneurs to promote their ideas and raise over $200 million in funding.

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